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The Zodiac Signs: Mina (Pisces)

Planets represent desires and people in your life, whereas Rashi represent settings and resources.

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#Pisces, or #Mina, is the dual, female, sattvic, watery sign ruled by Jupiter. This endless inward energy is the nature of the natural 12th house of wisdom, travel, away time, spirituality, and loss. The vast flowing sign is the place of Venus’s exaltation that makes space for endless love, and Mercury’s debilitation as Pisces’ knowledge, or wisdom, can’t be easily contained, organized, and categorized like the earthy Virgo. In the body, Pisces signifies the feet, the feet being associated with worship, gurus, and the tale of Jupiter’s Vishnu avatar Vamana. Pisces is associated with hospitals, ashrams, isolation or confinement, oceans, foreign places, travel, sleep, and financial expenses.


“...wisdom, travel, away time, spirituality, and loss.”

Most of these relate to private places where one can reflect and contemplate. The twelfth house also signifies loss in our life in all its forms which bring us closer to deep questioning, knowledge, and spirituality.

Applying to Your Chart

Where is Pisces placed in your chart and with what Grahas? Imagine how Pisces is expressing itself and setting the stage and resources for that particular area of your life.

- Zelda Astrology


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