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Omikuji Fortunes in Japan

Fortune-telling through omikuji in japan.

In Japan, omikuji are written fortunes offered at shrines and temples in Japan. Usually, omikuji require a small offering and are then chosen randomly from a box.

omikuji and karma

Omikuji is a gentle reminder that...not everything is set in stone.

After receiving your omikuji, if it is a good fortune, you can take it home with you. If you receive a bad fortune, you may tie the omikuji at a designated area to leave this bad fortune behind you. In Vedic astrology, and simply using common sense, it is evident a large part of our lives is predetermined, beginning with the genetics we were born with, circumstances we were born into and people we grew up with, to even more heavily the character traits and tendencies we were born with. However, Omikuji tradition seems based on the concept of karmas we can change.

In Jyotish astrology, levels of karma (changeable, medium fixed, and very fixed) are assessed based on how many overlapping indicators one has pointing to a certain good or poor outcome. Omikuji tradition serves as a gentle reminder that while some karmas are heavy, not everything is set in stone.

- Zelda Astrology


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