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Paramparā Jyotish Teacher, Tutor, & Astrologer

I am a Jyotish astrologer from the Sri Achyutananda lineage and student of astrologers Freedom Cole, Visti Larsen, and Dr. Eric Rosenbush. ​I have studied Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra for three years, am enrolled in a five-year Jaimini study abroad program, and am currently assistant teacher to Freedom Cole.


As a teacher and private tutor, I deliver no-nonsense, clear, and structured lessons on essential Jyotish foundations necessary for chart interpretation, common dasha system calculations, and remedy integration. 

As an astrologer, I believe material, physical, mental, and spiritual happiness are achievable for those willing to work for it. Each reading is different and tailored to your objectives. Your chart shows how the moment of your birth shaped you, your circumstances, and how to safeguard against life's problems - including your own tendencies. Other consultation benefits include:

  • Finding blockages in your life

  • Discovering your innate talents, desires, and ideal career

  • Assessing relationship compatibility  

  • Prescribing karmic remedial measures such as individualized mantra practice and lifestyle changes for success, health, relationships, and well-being

  • Choosing auspicious times for important events 

I approach my clients as divine souls who may have a life, values, and goals different from my own but who can benefit from being the best versions of themselves. I welcome all walks of life.

Fluent Languages: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH