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The Zodiac Signs: Karka (Cancer)

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Planets represent desires and people in your life, whereas Rashi represent settings and resources.

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#Karka (cancer) ruled by Moon, belongs to the chest region, as well as meadows, wells, canals, water tanks, sandy beaches, and places where celestial nymphs frequent.


“...where celestial nymphs frequent.”

To understand Cancer it helps to compare this moveable, watery sign to other rashis. Scorpio is the fixed water sign and represents stale waters, hidden places, and holes. Cancer is clean and pure, like its lord, the Moon. Its water has movement, whereas Scorpio is still and transformative. Compared to the other moveable signs, the mountainous regions of Aries, the bustling markets of Libra, and the marshes or burial grounds of Capricorn, Cancer is the softest and cleanest yet moveable, like the waves of an ocean, the thoughts in our minds, and the changes of our emotions.

Applying to Your Chart

Where is Cancer placed in your chart? Use the settings and qualities described earlier to determine how they relate to that particular house in your life while considering the planets therein.

- Zelda Astrology


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