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The Zodiac Signs: Kanya (Virgo)

Planets represent desires and people in your life, whereas Rashi represent settings and resources.

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#Kanya (virgo) ruled by Mercury, belongs to the intestinal tract, as well as places that are organized, neat, tidy, groomed, and pure.


“...places that are organized...groomed, and pure.”

Kanya (Virgo) is the dual, earthy, female sign ruled by Mercury. Sometimes depicted as a maiden standing in a boat on water, holding a torch and grains. Virgo represents places and resources that are organized, neat, tidy, groomed, and pure. These include gardens, libraries, towns, temples, horse stables, sea coasts, as well as places generally partial to women. This is contrary to Mercury’s other sign - the less prim and proper airy Gemini, which represents places of dating, fun, copulation, gambling, recreation, dancing, and singing. Virgo’s refined, conditional structure helps explain Mercury’s exaltation and Venus’s debilitation. Both Gemini and Virgo are dual signs which are neither moveable nor fixed, but adaptable resources and settings.

Applying to Your Chart

Where is Virgo placed in your chart? Use the settings and qualities described earlier to determine how they relate to that particular house in your life while considering the planets therein.

- Zelda Astrology


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