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Testing "Z" Against ज and स with Katapayadi Varga

Numerology decisions for sounds that do not naturally exist in Sanskrit (Devanagari).

#Numerology serves many purposes in Jyotish, from birth rectification to auspicious naming. Numerology systems like #Katapayasha and #Katapayadi turn sounds into numbers and numbers into sounds. But what do you do when the sound presented does not exist in the system you are using? For example, the sound "Z" as in "zen" or "zebra" does not occur naturally in the Devanagari alphabet. Astrologers commonly accept "Z" as"J"ज. In words like "measure," the "s" closely matches ज. But for words like "zebra" and "Zach," some astrologers believe /z/ resembles /s/. According to various speech therapy sources, /z/ is the voiced version of /s/ स which is unvoiced. Additionally, the International Phonetic Association's Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) places /z/ together with /s/ as alveolar and retroflex sounds, whereas /j/ is separated into palatal ( It is important for the astrologer to select accurate sounds for numerology calculations, and so I decided to conduct a small test with the Katapayadi Varga.

Testing "Z" against ज and स

“...It is important for the astrologer to select accurate sounds for numerology calculations...”

In Jyotish, astrologers may use Katapayadi Varga to help rectify a native's birth time based off the native's first birth-given name. Katapayadi turns the name into a number (Namarashi), and the result will match the chart if there is a link between the name's Namarashi and the Varna Lagna. In theory, this method will show either ज or स produce a match between the native's Namarashi and Varna Lagna for names like "Elisabeth" and "Zoe." In some cases where a fine ear is required to determine the correct Namarashi and I was uncertain, I provided two Namarashi options.

Lastly, it is important the name is calculated based on the native's tongue, and not yours. An American accent does not pronounce "Julia" ज the same as others (Yulya) य. The German word "Zahn" (tooth) is actually pronounced "Tsaan." How a name is written is irrelevant. What matters is the native's pronunciation and what sound it matches in the Devanagari alphabet when using a Devanagari numerology system.

“It is important that the name is calculated based on the native's tongue, and not yours.”

Applying to 8 Charts - Results

The detailed calculations and charts are documented here:

2021.7.10.Katapayadi Name and VnL Lagna to Confirm Birth_Testing Z
Download PDF • 750KB

For 1 (possibly 2) of 8 charts, only ज alone connected the native's Namarashi and Varna Lagna. Potentially 1 of 8 charts worked with स only. For 6 (possibly 7) of 8 charts, both ज and स worked. Of this small sample size, ज was slightly more valid, but स worked in most, as well. A much larger sample size and/or complimentary numerology techniques are recommended.

- Zelda Astrology


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