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The dispositor of your Moon.

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Shubha means good, happy, auspicious and Pati means lord. Your #Shubhapati is the dispositor of your Moon. Moon is your mind, thoughts, mother, first year of life, community, and sustenance. Where your Moon goes shows what your mind is focused on, and a healthy Shubhapati supports the Moon, your thoughts, and happiness.

The Moon's Dispositor

“...a healthy Shubhapati supports the Moon, your thoughts, and happiness.”

The Shubhapati also indicates your greatest skill - the skill the the world most wants from you. For example, if Saturn is your Shubhapati, this indicates the ability to carry great burdens and sorrows of others. Mercury indicates that people enjoy your speech and communication. Mars can give you great strength, fitness, or technical skills.

If Shubhapati is weak, you can feel disconnected and depressed. Morals and career objective can become obscured. If Shubhapati is well placed you will have good thoughts, happy thoughts, and high thoughts.

Applying to Your Chart

Where is your Moon placed, and what is the health of your Shubhapati? What skill does the world most want and appreciate from you?

- Zelda Astrology


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