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Kalpadruma Yoga

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The yoga that fulfills all of your desires.

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#Kalpadrumayoga, also known as #kalpavrikshayoga or #parijatayoga, is the yoga of the celestial wish-fulfilling tree. He or she who has it can fulfill all of his or her desires.

The wish-fulfilling tree

“He or she who has it can fulfill all of his or her desires.”

This yoga is described in Brhat Parasara Hora Sastra Ch 36 verse 33-34. Like a tree, the yoga has four parts: trunk, branch, leaves, and fruit. (A) the ascendant lord, (B) it’s dispositor, (C) B’s dispositor, and (D) C’s Navamsa dispositor must all be in either angle or trine to the rashi Ascendant, or swa/exalted for Kalpdruma to exist. (A) the trunk, represents your health and intelligence. (B) the branch, represents your status, position, and wealth. (C) the leaves, represent your social support and resources. (D) the fruit, represents your final results and destiny.

Applying to Your Chart

There are various opinions on how Kalpadruma can or cannot manifest when Grahas repeat and when there are multiple dispositors (co-lords). Some allow taking the exaltation dispositor to prevent Grahas from repeating. Kalpadruma can also be achieved from various kendras, not just lagna. Maybe all of your desires are fulfilled through home life, business or marriage, or career and duty. Additionally, dashas ruling certain time periods of your life, or the choices you make, and the company you keep, as well as transits, can all determine whether or not you take advantage of the Kalpadruma Yoga in your chart.

Do you have or know someone with Kalpadruma Yoga? Are you following that path?

- Zelda Astrology


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