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Jyotish Numerology

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Turning sounds into numbers and numbers into sounds.

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Computation is the world of Ketu, and Vedic astrology uses numerology for various purposes, from birth rectification to auspicious naming. Numerology systems turn sounds into numbers and numbers into sounds, which may thereafter undergo further calculations to achieve a certain objective. Katapayasha and Katapayadi Vargas are two examples of numerology systems that utilize the Sanskrit alphabet (Devanagari script). But what to do, when your numerology system does not have the sound you need?


“But what to do, when your numerology system does not have the sound you need?”

There is no traditional alphabet that includes all the intricate sounds that exist in all the languages of our world, and Devanagari is no exception. However, organizations such as the International Phonetic Association have developed charts with the aim to standardize and categorize letters to sounds as dental, alveolar, fricative, etc. as charted here:

So when calculating with a single alphabet and numbering system in hand for words and names that exist in different countries with different accents, it is important for the astrologer to develop a fine tuned ear and awareness of tongue placement, breathe, vibration, and other parameters, in order to choose the closest matching character in the numerology structure being used.


What numerology systems have you used, and how do they fit or not fit sounds you have attempted to translate into numbers?

- Zelda Astrology


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