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Attachment Style

How does the Moon show your mother, mind, and relationships?

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To a great extent, the health of your relationships in adulthood was predetermined by the bond with your primary caregiver in childhood. In Jyotish, the condition of your natal Moon, 4th house, and their associations will not only describe the mental state of your mother, but also the state of your mind and how you relate to others in the adulthood. In this way, the chart will shows past, present, and future. More importantly, understanding a client’s attachment style can unpack the root cause of surface issues that stem from infancy.

How you relate with others in adulthood

“To a great extent, the health of your relationships in adulthood was predetermined by the bond with your primary caregiver in childhood.”

There are four common attachment styles: 1) secure, 2) anxious-ambivalent, 3) dismissive-avoidant, and 4) fearful-avoidant. A healthy Moon and 4th house will indicate the native’s mother or primary caregiver was consistent, validating, caring, and trustworthy. However, not all of us are fortunate.


Mars indicates an anxious-ambivalent attachment style. The mother was likely inconsistent, intrusive, aggressive, or violent. Such a native may become more easily aggravated, needy, or demanding, but this is rooted in a strong desire to feel close to and reliant on others, while also fearing their partner or friend will be unreliable or reactive just like their mother was.


Saturn indicates a dismissive-avoidant attachment style. The native will have difficulty opening up, be heavily self reliant, and uncomfortable with closeness. This stems from a mother who was neglectful, and physically or emotionally unavailable. The native develops a strong belief they cannot depend on others, and does not learn intimacy and closeness.


Rahu indicates a disorganized attachment, or fearful-avoidant. This can present itself as swings between an anxious and also an avoidant attachment. Disorganized attachment is caused by a mother who was traumatized or was themselves frightening and traumatizing, confusing or untrustworthy. The native will crave relationships yet have difficulty trusting others due to fear of rejection, deception, and personality flips in their partner as experienced with the mother.


Remember that these attachment styles are always on a scale, which can present as more or less extreme. What is conjunct or aspecting your Moon and 4th house? Does this describe your caregiver and your attachment style?

- Zelda Astrology


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