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Arudha Lagna

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

What's in your reflection?

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You are a complex being, but what parts of you do people actually see? You cast an impression on others and it is never the entire truth of yourself - sometimes even, far from it. Yet impressions can be more real and material than who you actually are. Does that make sense? This is the world of Arudha Lagna.

That which is arising

“...impressions can be more real and material than who you actually are.”

Arudha means that which is arising, elevated, mounted, come into. Planets, the zodiac sign, yogas and other padas associated with your Arudha Lagna and its 1-7 axis show your predominant characteristics that others will see, for better or for worse. According to the rules of bhava pada, Arudha Lagna can never be in the ascendant or 7th house (neither 2-12 or 6-8), because your first and seventh house is the axis of truth. Arudhas are calculated like a ripple effect, and so there is distortion, just like your reflection in the water or a mirror. Only those dearest to you may come even close to knowing your full and true nature.

Can we influence how others see us? The Arudha may shift between its 1st and 7th axis for any native, while those ascendants with dual lordships will also have two Arudha Lagna possibilities: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces.

The more energy you put into activities associated with the planets or sign joined one Arudha or another can help activate that Arudha to materialize in your life. Normally, the strongest Arudha will take predominance. Dashas also play a role. Moon-Saturn will show you as somber and negative, Sun-Mercury makes you appear scholarly and well spoken, Venus-Moon will make you appear popular, feminine, and compassionate, whereas Rahu can make you subject to scandalous rumors, or loved by foreigners.


Do you have favorable planets conjoined your Arudha Lagna or the 7th therefrom? Does your ascendant allow for more than one Arudha Lagna in your life?

- Zelda Astrology


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